Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LaTeX Notes

I use LaTeX primarily through GNU Emacs (TeX mode), Org-mode and Pandoc. Following are my notes on things I have adapted to in the course of learning to produce great looking PDFs.

Memoir class looks better than the default classes:
\documentclass[a4paper|ebook, 12pt]{memoir}

use ebook instead of a4paper to get a PDF similar in size to a book.

Adjust margins. LaTeX uses wide margins; this increases the readability of text by reducing the number of words packed into each line. We can decrease the margins to cram more words to each line.

\usepackage[in|cm, headings|myheadings]{fullpage}
Better fonts. By default, Org-mode output use Latin Modern. But there are lots beautiful choices : - The Latex Font catalogue has them categorised: serifs, sans-serif, typewriter, calligraphical and handwritten and some others that I didn't knew existed (Uncial Fonts, Blackletter Fonts)
\usepackage{gfsartemisia} %GFS Artemisia
Pandoc mode for Emacs. This allows for interacting with Pandoc from Emacs itself, without using the command line. pandoc-mode

MikTex is really helpful when you want to try new things. It will install all the packages and fonts on the fly when you add them to your document.

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