Friday, December 26, 2014

How to find if a cell is bold in Excel

The other day I wanted to show only bold cells in an Excel worksheet. Excel don' have a built-in formula for this. Using VBA to make one is very easy.

Function IsBold(rCell As Range)
IsBold = rCell.Font.Bold
End Function
 [How to filter cells by bold - Extend Office]

In Excel 2013 I had to bring the Macro dialog box (Alt + F8)
Give some random name in the macro name field (sdkfsdkf)
Click create (or Alt + C)

This will open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor, completely remove whatever is auto-generated in the module and paste the above code.

Then use the formula =IsBold(cellreference) to get a TRUE FALSE value. Later I used it to show only bold rows.

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