Saturday, January 17, 2015

Word Keyboard shortcut for jumping to last misspelling

Go fix the last spelling mistake in Word using Alt+F7; after fixing the error, use Ctrl+Alt+Z (or Shift+F5 also works) to land back where you were before making the spelling correction jump.

I got this from the comments section of PC World article The top 10 keyboard shortcuts in Word and Excel ...
My favorite Word shortcut is Alt+F7. This triggers the context menu over one's last misspelling. Use the arrow and return keys to make the fix, follow with Ctrl+Alt+Z to return to your last typing point, and you don't need to remove your fingers from the keyboard to fix typos!
I had a PDF copy of Word 2013 Bible by Lisa A. Bucki; I searched it for this shortcut and couldn't find it mentioned there. It is always nice to find shortcuts that are very useful but not popularly known.

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