Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baofeng UV 82L channel programming on handset without Chirp

I have been using my brother's Baofeng UV 82 L for listening to the local repeater VU2DFD. I only listen, as I don't have my license. Yet. One good day, I pressed the menu button on the handy the wrong way and the stored channel of the repeater frequency was gone. After many internet searches and YouTube videos, it became apparent that it is not easy to program channels to memory without using the Chirp software.

It is slightly twisted to program memory directly, since I didn't have the cable, I had to do it but the problem was that the channel memory I deleted was programmed using Chirp (by a friend) and if you do it from Chirp you could save the repeater names. You can not do that if you program directly on your transceiver.

Here is how to save frequency to channels: 

1. Turn on the radio to the frequency mode.

If the radio is in channel mode, turn it off, then press and hold MENU while turning on

2. Select the upper display with EXIT/AB button

3. Set the frequency 1-4-4-4-7-5 for 144.475

4. Turn off the TDR


5. Set the repeater offset 600 KHz

MENU - 26 - MENU - 00600 - MENU - EXIT/AB

6. Set the repeater shift direction

MENU - 25 - MENU - + - MENU - EXIT/AB

7. Delete the channel if there is anything else stored there (25 here)

MENU - 28 - MENU - 25 - MENU - EXIT/AB

8. Store the frequency in channel 25

MENU - 27 - MENU - 25- MENU - EXIT/AB

That is it.

There are things that I don't understand in the above steps, but I got access to the repeater again and I am happy.

  1. Guide to using UV 5R  - Essex Hams
  2. Noji's UV82 programming guide [PDF]
  3. Amazon review with some information on programming
  4. Programming memories manually UV5R UV82 - Miklor
  5. BaoFeng UV-82 Menu definitions - Miklor
  6. Baofeng / Pofung UV-82 / 82X / 82C page at Miklor
  7. BaoFeng UV-82L User FAQs [PDF]
  8. Baofeng UV 82 handheld blog. Entire site is useful

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