Friday, May 8, 2015

Extract URLs links from RSS OPML

I am a long time RSS user. The demise of Google Reader still affects me. It had excellent search functionality that none of the current online RSS subscription services has. The closest thing I can do now is to make Google CSE with all the sites in my OPML subscription list.

I found this line that will spit out the urls from an OPML file:

sed -ne '/htmlUrl/ s/.*htmlUrl=\"//p' feedly.opml | sed -e 's/\".*//' > RSS_URLs.txt

sed code source

I had sed available on my machine, got with Babun.
The resuled text file was in the Unix format, so I opened it in vim and select everything and pasted to a notepad window. Now I can do as I please and make a Google custom search engine.

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