Friday, June 3, 2016

Evernote Clearly XPI

Evernote Clearly was shuttered (Evernote blog post) along with some other products. I use this addon frequently in Firefox, it has the ability to grab text from multiple pages and present in one page. Saves clicks and is very convenient to read without losing the flow.

I copied the Evernote Clearly from the profile folder. Profile folder can be easily accessed by going to about:support and click on the 'Show folder' in the 'Profile' row in the table.

It is a zip file, you have to extract to get the Evernote Clearly xpi. Drag and drop this xpi file to Firefox window. Done.

I don't know how long this copy of Clearly will continue to work considering the rapid changes happening in the extension environment in Firefox. I am on the lookout for another extension with similar fetching of multiple pages feature.

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