Friday, April 27, 2018

Givers Gain

This is from Reddit.

Giver's gain. Good wisdom anyone can apply in their lives.

There's the mattress owner in Houston named Mattress Mack, and during Hurricane Harvey offered first aid responders to sleep on his mattresses, organized meals for the responders, and essentially converted his stores into a makeshift HQ for several relief programs. All funded by him, and without asking anything in return. He was ahead of the evacuations, offering his stores as a place for refuge for any who needed it, before the storm was serious.

Meanwhile at the same time, Joel Osteen's church, Lakewood, (one of the largest in America) closed it's doors due to flooding (there wasn't any in the church) and only opened their doors when citizens and the media tweeted Joel, asking why they were closed. His response in a live TV interview? "The city didn't ask us to be open." What visionary leadership, having to be asked from the city to use your former basketball stadium-turned-church as an emergency evacuation center.

The Mayor has given Mattress Mack ceremonial awards from the city, and thousands of people across the country bought furniture sets from him as a sign of thank you. He has probably earned millions already from his acts of generosity, and is beloved by the city for his leadership and role during tough times. Best part? He's still remained humble through all this success and attention. You can't buy love.

As for Joel? No one talks about him, or has the time of day to pay attention to what he is doing. No one asked us too.

Giver's gain.

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