Friday, December 14, 2012

Writing a mail asking for feedback

Almost in all interview advice it is suggested that you thank the interviewer who had done the interview later and ask for feedbaack on areas where you could improve upon. This will help you improve your chance of not making the mistakes again.

I chanced upon a post in my feed reader from the Ask a Manager about a reader who had written thanking them for the opportunity and asking for feedback — Responding graciously to rejection. I've to say that the OP's mail is simply beautiful. It generates an extremely friendly image without being unprofessional or argumentative the least. Though, I haven't done any such feedback mails yet, I hope to use it a starter template to write a mail of equal warmth and humility.

After the mail, OP received a reply mail from the HR giving him feedback. Saying good things about his candidacy and further informing him about possible other oppurtunities that he could try with the same company

“While it pains me to see this opportunity go, I want to thank you for getting back to me. I also want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me. It was such a pleasure to meet you and ___ and learn about the organization. After spending the time talking with you and doing my research, I really do believe that the ___ industry is where I want to work. I know that I am not in a position to ask for favors, but if you have a moment to spare I would love any additional feedback. Please do not feel obligated to answer this question, but if there was something you noticed, it will help me in my job search and I would be most appreciative. I hope everything works out with you and your new intern.”

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