Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Firefox open context menu google search in background tab

I have been facing tabs opening up in the foreground in Firefox after it updated recently when using context menu google search. I always remember Firefox as having tabs open in the background — which is the way I prefer. When reading something, if there is something that you want to research further the search results in background tab allows you to keep reading if you wish and check after sometime. It doesn't break the flow of the reading and many of the times what I search for are not absolutely essential for the comprehension of the subject that I am reading, but they are curiosities to be satisfied. This foreground tab opening of the search results messes with that and I was annoyed to no end.

This can be enabled by the about:config menu in Firefox. Open a new tab, enter about:config in the address bar. Then, search for and set it as true

See for more details :
  1. The 'Search Google for' context menu is opening search results in a foreground tab, instead of a background tab. This started today when I upgraded to FF 13 Beta
  2. - Mozilla Developer Network

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